VSS-3 Vacuum Stuffing/Filling System

  • Vacuum stuffing capacity: Up to 28,000 lbs. (12,700 kg) per hour, depending on product.
  • Variable speed vane pump, feedscrew and agitator are powered by a heavy-duty hydraulic drive system.
  • Vacuum cover opens and closes pneumatically. For operator safety, an interlock device prevents the lid from accidental closure.
  • Quick and easy vacuum loading.
  • USDA accepted and CE approved. Built in conformity with AMI sanitary equipment design principles.

When it comes to high volume, continuous-flow, vacuum stuffing and filling applications, the Cozzini Vacuum Stuffer (VSS) series stands in a performance class by itself.

With the unique Cozzini VSS design,improved/ consistent finished product vacuum levels and high volume flow rates are ensured. The VSS utilizes dependable hydraulic power.

A fully integrated heat exchanger keeps hydraulic fluid cool for dependable operation even under extended periods of heavy usage.

From fine emulsions and coarse reductions, to
sectioned, whole muscle mixtures, VSS brings a new level of efficiency and economy to any high volume stuffing/filling system.