VS Series

Cozzini’s VS Series Variable Speed Reduction System is equipped with our state-of-the-art PLC Programmable Computer Control System, which monitors every phase of the vacuumization and reduction processes and allows either automatic adjustments according to preset specifications, or manual adjustments by the operator. Among the variables that the computer system monitors and/or controls are:

  • Inlet blend temperatures
  • Inlet pressures
  • Finished product temperatures
  • Product vacuum levels
  • Automatic loading
  • Direct discharge to stuffing systems
  • Complete system diagnostics
  • Programmable processing specifications
  • Multilingual screen displays

Watch the Cozzini Emulsion Systems video.

Variable Speed Knife Control:
Knife speed is automatically monitored and can be increased or decreased as needed for precise control both of particle size and definition, and of product temperature.

Variable Speed Pump Control:
With Cozzini’s patented force-feeding process, the speed of the feed pump is also constantly monitored and can be adjusted as an additional way to control product temperature as well as product texture.

Continuous Processing:
The VS Variable Speed Reduction System allows you to continuously process everything from the finest emulsions to the coarsest ground sausage products, all in one versatile system.

Programmable Computer Control System:
This state-of-the-art system constantly monitors all critical processing control points such as knife speed and vacuum levels. The system also provides for automatic adjustment of pump speeds and self-adjusts to programmed finished product temperature levels.

Vacuumizing Capability:
The VS Series System gives you all the advantages of vacuumization of your products, such as increased moisture-holding capacity, more appealing and consistent color, increased density and longer product shelf life.

Production Capacity Range:
The VS722 processes up to 12,000 pounds (5,500 kg) per hour, and the VS922 processes up to 20,000 pounds (9,000 kg) per hour.

Single-Cut or MultiCut Cutting Head Features:
Cozzini builds every unit with the innovative MultiCut design, but also offers you a choice to change over to a single-cut plate and knife configuration within the same cutting head.