Overlapping Paddle Mixer with Feedscrew Discharge

  • Rounded tub design combined with overlapping paddles ensure thorough mixing and discharge of product from vessel.
  • Standard or fully programmable Allen-Bradley controls.
  • Capacities ranging from 2,000 lbs. to 15,000 lbs. (900 kg to 6,800 kg).
  • Unique, quick-release, watertight shaft seals for full washdown sanitation.
  • 9″-16″ (230-406 mm) diameter heavy duty, stainless feedscrew auger.
  • Optional load cells
  • USDA accepted and CE approved. Built in conformity with AMI sanitary equipment design

The Cozzini overlapping mixer with feedscrew
discharge utilizes a feedscrew that transports product with precision output to the next processing station. Very few wear parts for economical use and

Cozzini mixers are used worldwide for
numerous mixing/blending applications such as meat preblends, ground meat operations, formulation mixing of ingredients for cereals, spices, vegetables, etc.

For applications requiring precise temperature control, glycol jacketing or CO2 injection cooling systems are available. The overlapping mixers ensure thorough mixing and efficient unloading of the product. High quality stainless steel construction with fine sanitary
finish throughout.