Inclined Screw Loader

  • Unique, quick-release, watertight shaft seals for full washdown sanitation.
  • Heavy duty, stainless feedscrew auger is available in diameters from 9″ (230 mm) to 20″ (500 mm).
  • Wide range of hopper sizes, discharge angles and heights custom-made to your requirements.
  • CSL units available in capacities ranging from 2000 lbs. to 8000 lbs. (900 kg-3600 kg).
  • Optional agitator is available to prevent bridging of product.
  • USDA accepted and CE approved. Built in conformity with AMI sanitary equipment design principles.

Cozzini Screw Loaders (CSL) are ideal for storing and transferring products from dumpers, mixers, conveyors and other sources.

The heavy-duty inclined screw loader utilizes a
feedscrew that discharges directly onto various
ancillary systems.