Column Dumper

  • Electrically or hydraulically driven.
  • Handles 400 lb. (185 kg) and 600 lb. (275 kg) capacity kitchen carts and can be custom designed for a wide variety of lifting/dumping applications
    such as special-design carts and barrels.
  • 2-hp (1.5 kW) motor drives double chain lift system.
  • Heavy duty, double chain design with mechanical safety brake system.
  • Washdown safe, heavy-duty stainless steel construction throughout.
  • Optional portable base allows the entire unit to be moved easily.
  • USDA accepted and CE approved. Built in conformity with AMI sanitary equipment design principles.

Cozzini knows that reliable material handling is a
critical part of your overall process. When it comes to dumping product in tight spaces, Cozzini Column
Dumpers (CCD) are custom-made to meet your
demanding production requirements.

The CCD series is available in dumping heights up
to 104″ (2640 mm) .

Optional, custom chutes are available to prevent
product spillage. Custom heights available upon
request. For your material handling/bulk-dumping
challenges, refer to a Cozzini expert.