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SUSPENTEC Particle Reduction System for Injection Processes

Used worldwide to process roast beef, ham, turkey breast, chicken products, steaks, fish, bacon and various other whole-muscle products, the patented Cozzini SUSPENTEC process has brought significant profit building advantages to users everywhere.

Hundreds of processors of fresh, cooked, refrigerated or frozen meats and seafood worldwide are using the SUSPENTEC system to add value to their products while lowering their costs of finished goods.

An application-customized SUSPENTEC system from Cozzini lets processors inject lower cost protein materials into higher cost whole muscle products. Enhanced binding, reduced cook and chill shrink and increased slicing yields are just a few benefits realized.

The heart of the SUSPENTEC process lies in its high-throughput, precise, MultiCut reduction system where the mixture recirculates through the reduction unit and mixing hopper until it becomes a homogeneous mixture of brine and ultra fine particles of meat.

When exact particle size or temperature is achieved, a divert valve automatically directs suspension to feed one or two holding hoppers. An optional chiller maintains the critical suspension temperature.

From the holding hopper(s), a pump delivers suspension to a standard injector. Whole muscle product is then injected with the suspension to the preset yield gain. Excess suspension from the injector is captured by a return hopper and reprocessed.

The modular and compact SUSPENTEC system is adaptable to practically any plant layout.

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