Everything you need for the most efficient, most profitable meat and food processing design.

Cozzini not only provides state-of-the art meat and food processing equipment, we also manufacture a complete line of product handling equipment for true turnkey operations, including loaders, conveyors, dumpers, platforms and silos. Years of experience in equipping all types of meat and food processing operations have given Cozzini's custom stainless-steel fabrication experts the edge in providing the quality equipment you need to improve product transport and thus improve the efficiency of your entire operation. With Cozzini's help, you can process better quality products at lower cost.

Custom design and fabrication:

Whether creating an entire production line or upgrading an existing one, Cozzini's expert engineers and craftsmen can design and manufacture product handling equipment to exactly fit your processing requirements.

Highest quality construction:

Cozzini uses only the finest quality stainless steel and other materials as well as the best possible fabrication and construction techniques to guarantee reliable, durable equipment.

Safety and sanitation features:

Cozzini's product handling equipment is not only designed to be safe to operate and east to maintain and keep clean, but also incorporates the latest ergonomic features to reduce operator discomfort and fatigue.


Work platforms

Bacon combs



Feedscrew wash carts

Parts wash carts

Trucks and cages

Work stands