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Work Platform

Cozzini Work Platforms (CWP) provide a safe way for operators and sanitation workers to access equipment. Regardless of floor space or ceiling height, Cozzini will custom design and manufacture the finest quality work platforms to meet your requirements. Cozzini's experts can configure your work platforms to boost your flow and productivity.

Made of stainless steel with a fine sanitary finish
throughout, these platforms eliminate unsafe ladders or other stands that put operators at risk of injury. To fit into small spaces, Cozzini offers designs with tread-grip ladders instead of stairs. Common platform shapes can be rectangular, T-shaped L-shaped, etc. Series of platforms can be joined together for long, continuous walkways.

Standard DuraGrate™ decking provides a firm,
slip-proof surface and allows wash-through cleaning. Since water and product does not accumulate on the walkway, it also prevents unsafe or unsanitary conditions. Stairs and decking surfaces can be easily removed or replaced as needed for complete and thorough sanitation.

Railings, stairs and deck materials are designed to
meet OSHA standards. Cozzini can also design
platforms to meet your local or in-plant standards.
For custom-built platforms that fit your exact needs, trust Cozzini's experienced design team.

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