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Cozzini Air Pump

Ideal for whole muscle meat and poultry applications, soups and chilies, processed foods, pet foods, whole berries, vegetables, pie fillings, wine mash, cheese curds and sauces, the Cozzini Air Pump (CAP) can handle your food pumping applications without bruising or shearing.

Available in various pump sizes, Cozzini Air Pump can pump compressible solids up to 6" (152 mm) in diameter while preserving product integrity and increasing process yield.

This variable pressure, variable flow pump draws product into the vacuumized chamber where it rises until reaching a sensor in the pump cap. Vacuumization ceases and compressed air injection begins. As compressed air is applied, product gently moves downward and out of the column.

Pulling and pushing, upstroke and downstroke action working in conjunction with opening and closing inlet and discharge gates - gently creates positive displacement pumping.

Perhaps you're introducing a pump into your process for the first time and have concerns about damage to product. Or maybe you're already experiencing an unacceptable amount of pump damage. In either case, the gentle flow, non-damaging Cozzini Air Pump may fit your needs.