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Automate the process of removing wire clips on the ends of chubs with the Cozzini declipper. Safeguard your ready-to-eat products from the risk of contamination by eliminating inefficient manual declipping with this productivity-boosting machine.

Feeding directly from a Cozzini Chub Separator or manually, the infeed conveyor indexes the product to the declipping head stations and then stops. The declipping heads simultaneously approach the product from both sides and the knives close around the clips.

The declipper can handle up to 30 chubs a minute, per set of declipping heads. Up to 3 sets of declipping heads available to maximize output. After cutting the clips, the knives retract, removing and discarding the clips in the process. Since the product is centered on the declipper belt, an optional sectioning knife mounted at the discharge of the declipping stations can accurately cut the product in half.

From the declipper, chubs can be indexed directly to a slicing or packaging line without human contact. With all these timesaving features, the Cozzini declipper can be a welcome addition to your
processing line.

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