Cozzini Material Handling Equipment
as typically configured for the
front end of a Cozzini processing line
Material handling

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As the lifeblood of your company, how your processing line functions has a direct bearing on your bottom line. The success of an entire processing line can depend on the performance and reliability of its material handling systems.

Cozzini understands that and makes the highest quality dumpers, screw loaders and conveyors, built to meet and surpass your requirements. Heavy-duty stainless steel cylinders, smoothly ground sanitary welds, and robust framework define Cozzini's PrimeMove™ brand of material handling and pumping equipment.

The PrimeMove™ product family consists of vat/combo dumpers, column dumpers, feedscrew-driven transfer equipment, belt conveyors, pumps, and stuffing/filling machinery.

Of course, one size does not fit all. Our process-focused approach to system design ensures our equipment is up to the challenges of your output requirements and workflow. The auger diameters in our screw conveyors, the hopper sizes of our screw loaders, the discharge heights of our dumpers, or the belting style of our conveyors, are all designed to suit your throughput needs.

Making your process flow smoothly is not our only concern. Fast disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance minimizes downtime and helps keep your operating costs low.

Cozzini believes support after the sale is also important. After installation, our expert technicians will train your maintenance staff and operators on the proper use, upkeep and sanitation of the equipment to get the most out of your brand new system investment.

Our staff of food technologists will help develop and support your new recipes and formulations.

We stand proudly behind our equipment and services and are confident they will meet your
highest standards.