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Vat/Combo Dumper

Regardless of how unique or complex your heavy, bulk-dumping application, the Cozzini team of material handling specialists are experts at engineering custom solutions to tough problems. With decades of hands-on experience, the Cozzini team designs and builds robust, dependable dumping systems that are efficient, clean, safe and reliable.

Built from the ground up with full washdown sanitation in mind. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction throughout with fine sanitary finish.

Cozzini vat and combo dumping systems are available in a broad range of load capacities, dumping heights and configurations. 400 lb. (185 kg) and 600 lb. (275 kg) cart attachments available.

Vat dumpers can be connected to an existing hydraulic system or can include their own Cozzini-made hydraulic power unit.

Vat Dumper
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