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Screw Conveyor

Cozzini knows that reliable material handling is a
critical part of your overall process. That is why
Cozzini Screw Conveyors (CSC) are custom-made to meet your demanding production requirements.
Choose from a multitude of auger diameters, drive
speeds, hopper capacities, pivots and discharge
heights. Optional casters allow portability.

Sanitation and cleanability are just as important.
Stainless steel construction with fine sanitary finish
throughout, and smooth-ground welds in all product
contact zones ensure utmost sanitation and ease of
washdown and inspection. Hinged covers, quick-release seals, and washdown duty motors make the CSC series a standalone among other screw conveyor designs.

Call Cozzini for fast, dependable solutions to all
your conveyor/material handling needs.

Screw Conveyor
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