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Pallet Lift

Cozzini knows that reliable material handling is a critical part of your overall process. The Cozzini Pallet Lift (CPL), built with heavy-duty stainless steel construction throughout, is designed for easy, thorough washdown and inspection.

A standard, front-loading pallet lift raises a load up to 48" (1.22 m), and is powered by a 2-3 hp (2.7-4 kW) independent hydraulic unit. With Cozzini's flexible design options, taller lift heights are available on request as well as side-loading models. Cozzini also offers a combination hydraulic cylinder/chain-lift system for plants with low ceiling heights. You can even upgrade to a larger hydraulic power unit for extra-heavy lifting applications.

For all your material handling needs, refer to a knowledgeable Cozzini expert.

Pallet Lift
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