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PrimeGrind 400 Frozen Meat Grinder

The PrimeGrind® 400 series grinder (CPG400) is a great choice for processing a wide variety of frozen materials. It can be equipped with a single or double plate/knife set in addition to the pre-cutter plate.

A robust, stainless steel feedscrew is driven by a backpressure absorbing main bearing. The main bearing greatly extends the useful life of the more costly transmission by buffering and equalizing backpressure loads. A unique separation design between feedscrew and drive prevents lubrication contamination of the product. The stainless steel hopper, throat and barrel all come with a fine, sanitary finish to ensure thorough sanitation.

Cozzini can make custom-fitted hopper extensions and safety guarding to meet your loading requirements.

PrimeGrind 400 integrates seamlessly into any production line – simple or complex – where grinding is required prior to further processing.

Watch the CPG400 Grinder video.

CPG400 grinder