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PrimeGrind 119 Grinder

The PrimeGrind™ 119 grinder (CPG119) is a great
choice for processing tempered or pre-broken frozen blocks. It can grind up to 72,000 pounds (32,660 kg) per hour depending on the application.

The CPG119 offers a multitude of Cozzini ergonomic
and sanitation design features, with safety and operator convenience in mind:

Additionally, the CPG119 meets AMI sanitary design specifications. The heavy duty stainless steel one-piece frame has sloped surfaces to prevent liquid accumulation. Other features like the swing-out discharge guard or the one-piece hopper design make assembly and disassembly easy for sanitation.

The PrimeGrind CPG119 integrates seamlessly into any production line – simple or complex – where grinding is required prior to further processing.