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PrimeCut AR901 Gravity-Fed Hopper Style Emulsion System

The Cozzini AR901 Gravity-Fed Emulsion / Reduction System incorporates a square-shaped hopper to feed the cutting chamber. A high-capacity knife holder with scoop-shaped arms draws product from the hopper into the AR901 cutting chamber. and reduces the overall particle size to the desired
final size.

The single cut configuration consists of one high
capacity knife holder, one reduction plate and is
ideal for reducing meatblends, petfoods and
rendering products.

As meat passes the knife holder and emulsion/
reduction plate, the knife holder cuts the particles
against the reduction plate. The cut particles are
discharged through a Ø3" (76 mm) stainless pipe. A specially designed pumping impeller allows system to transport product up to 10 feet (3 m) vertically for discharge directly into other hoppers.

The AR901 gravity-fed unit replaces conventional
bowl choppers and other types of emulsion/ reduction units as well as product handling equipment. The unique quick-release design allows easy access to the cutting chamber for disassembly and sanitation.  

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