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Spanning 100 years, Cozzini has evolved from our corner shop heritage to that of an ongoing  
business partner. 

Food processing equipment experience and expertise you can trust for your facility.

Our Company

COZZINI, LLC. is a leading provider of high-performance food processing equipment for protein and pet food processing. In addition to its headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL, Cozzini has a manufacturing site in Iowa and sales representation worldwide. Cozzini offers completely automated systems to meet the boost quality and productivity for processors worldwide. Emulsion/reduction, grinding, mixing, massaging, pumping, material handling and slicing are just some of the systems Cozzini manufactures. With Cozzini’s expertise in food equipment technology and design, you can solve key food challenges and maximize your return on equipment investments.

What does Cozzini offer that’s different from our competition?


At Cozzini, we’ve expanded our product lineup with numerous products and professional services to offer the most complete line of solutions in the industry. Today, we offer products and services that can meet all your food processing needs: Preparation, Reduction/ Emulsion Systems, Mixers, Grinders, Material Handling systems, Custom Stainless Fabrication, Slicers and much more.


Through our worldwide network, Cozzini can adapt with the ever-changing needs of your business.


Our network of worldwide facilities enables us to increase our rate of production. Locations operating together can handle more work, complete it faster and more effectively. This lets Cozzini complete any size job when you want it and deliver it where you need it.


Now more than ever, you need a specialist who brings a disciplined approach and unique industry perspectives. With the addition of the Cozzini Advisor Services, our experts can provide the insights and guidance you need.


Cozzini provides our designers, engineers and technicians with access to the latest technology, guaranteeing the most advanced food processing solutions.


From replacement parts to account information, Cozzini provides around-the-clock service and support worldwide to resolve any service issues you may encounter.

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