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Cozzini FastHam® Continuous Process
Transferring / Injecting / Pumping / Massaging / Stuffing

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Here’s what makes FastHam™ fast

Cozzini FastHam® System

  • Accurate load cell weighing system maintains critical green weight, injected weight and brine additions accurately.

  • Raw material inspection stations including metal detection.

  • Minimal product handling means no need for tanks, pallet jacks, or forklifts.

  • Product transfer by vacuum or the non-damaging Cozzini Air Transfer Pump.

  • Automated ground material/binder addition.

  • Pulsing vacuum.No shear points to maintain absolute whole muscle appearence with the most fragile muscles.
  • Refrigeration to maintain critical product temperatures.
  • Reduction of most massaging cycles by 50% or more, with higher levels of protein extraction.
  • Easy maintenance.
Cozzini FastHam Massagers:
  • Helical agitators provide gentle to vigorous massaging action
  • Program-driven massaging cycles for multiple products.
  • Variable speed agitation.

Optional System Features:
  • Recipe/formula management.
  • All critical weights/temperature data storage per batch.
  • Raw material ingredient genealogy.
  • Performance reports.
  • Mechanical usage and downtime reports.
  • Production planning, raw material inventory controls and allocation.

In head-to-head tests against other
popular massaging/tumbling processes

Vacuum Massager
Wins Hands Down

Greatly reduces or entirely eliminates
product holding times

Available in a wide range of

2,200 to 20,000 lbs.
(1,000 to 9,000 kg)
When it comes to reducing massaging time and labor while enhancing repeatability, process control and product quality, nothing outperforms the Cozzini Vacuum Massager (CVMM).

Cozzini can design, build and install a FastHam system to fit your operation perfectly.
Call us today.

  • Gentle or aggressive massaging action with hydraulic or electric, variable speed agitators.

  • Fully programmable Allen-Bradley controls provide massaging cycles for multiple products.

  • Forward, reverse and pause cycle control.

  • Fast and easy vacuum loading.

  • Fast and easy, double-door unloading.

  • Precision temperature control with optimal glycol jacketed cooling system.

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